A sense of adventure and a positive attitude is a great start.

After that we just ask you to bring your own downhill ski or snowboard equipment with compatible boots (skis tend to be a bit easier to learn on - but leave your poles at home) a helmet (mandatory) and goggles, gloves and layered warm windproof clothing. If you are a skier and have tight fitting boots that are difficult to walk around in you might want to bring insulated winter boots as well for the first part of the lesson.

Don’t forget a good neck warmer or face mask on the cold days, remember it’s always windy up there and the wind chill can lead to frostbite pretty quickly if skin is left exposed. On the warmer and sunnier days sunscreen is also highly recommended.

It might be a good idea to bring some food or high energy snacks as kiting and spending a few hours outside can work up an appetite if your not used to it. We have hot chocolate, tea and coffee available in our heated warm up hut should you get thirsty but feel free to bring your own non alcoholic beverages if you like.







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