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Take it to the next level.

On our level 2 course we cover everything you need to know to get your own kite and kite independently.

We start with a review of the basics and then introduce larger more powerful kites that have four lines and can be de-powered to adjust to variable winds. You will spend a lot more time in your bindings harnessed in to the kite with this course as we work to get you kiting upwind, downwind and turning faster.

At the end of the lesson we'll update or issue you your IKO Certification Card marking this next level of proficiency in snowkiting.

Ready to tear up  the snow AND the air? See you in Snowkite Level Three!

Already know you're all-in?

Why not consider signing up for the One-Two Punch? Snowkite Level One AND Snowkite Level Two combined. The fast track to ripping it up.


Learn and SAVE!

Students who complete both Snowkite Level One and Two or the One-Two Punch can take advantage of 10% off retail on any new kite!







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