Rocky Mountain Snowkite Ozone Octane

VIron 2 Complete Kit

The Viron is not just any kite, it defines a class of its own. Maximum safety, optimally user-friendly, simplest relaunch and unbelievable stability. We don’t know of another kite that combines all these features better.
The Viron is a kite for all beginners, kite schools, lightweights and gusty winds.

2.5m $639
4.0m $839
6.0m $1,049

Flysurfer VIRON2 Deluxe - highly addictive! from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding on Vimeo.


Rocky Mountain Snowkite Ozone Octane

Flysurfer PEAK2 - only the sky is the limit! from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding on Vimeo.

NEW! Peak 2 - Single Skin

The PEAK sets new standards in regards to low-end power, pack size and weight. The extreme weight reduction accomplished by removing the bottom sail allows the kite to generate a lot more power. Creating a single skin kite with depower is an incredibly difficult and complex challenge.

4.0m $799
6.0m $1,029
9.0m $1,149
12.0m $1,249

Optional Harness & Kitebag Combo - $100



Rocky Mountain Snowkite Ozone Octane

Speed 4 Lotus Complete Kit

Without exaggeration: The Speed4 is the best performing kite that we have ever built. Whether in low end, turningspeed, relaunch, jumping characteristics or depower… Almost everywhere we have been able to set new limits. Yet it’s performance is more accessible than ever – for every rider. It starts when you pull up the Speed4: The kite inflates incredibly fast and provides security from the first moment onwards. Whether fully powered up or fully depowered, a Speed4 stays stable in the sky. And thanks to the balanced handling not only your jumps are much easier, but also their landings.

8.0m $2,100
10.0m $2,300
12.0m $2,499
15.0m $2,749
18.0m $2,999
21.0m $3,249

Flysurfer SPEED4 LOTUS - just unique! from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding on Vimeo.


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Learn and SAVE!

Students who complete both Snowkite Level One and Two or the One-Two Punch can take advantage of 10% off retail on any new kite!

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