Not sure you know what gear to buy just yet?

We don't blame you. These "kites" arent the most inexpensive little things are they? Come on up to our training area and take some of our kites out to try before you buy and let your skills progress to the next level.

Perhaps you want to try a higher performance kite than what you learned on. Maybe you want to continue working on what you learned thus far but don't want to commit to a rig just yet. We'll take care of you.

You get the added benefit of having us on site should you have a question on using the gear or any problems. And of course, we'll do our best to give you some pointers along the way.

Must be level 2 certified or proven to be well-experienced in the sport to rent kites. Don't worry, we'll bring a kite out so you can show us you know what you know.

$50 for a two hour period.

Rental fee can be applied to the purchase of a new kite.

Know you'd like to buy but can't commit to new?

Maybe we've got something used that would suit your needs.







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